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This website is used to store some valuable content. Someone else is willing to pay for the content.

One password of zip file or other, one answer or solution to a question, and so on. These all could be this content.

You can upload the content and set a reasonable price on our website, then we will give your a URL.
Send the URL to others who will be interested in this, they can only get the content after successful payment.

Of course, your can withdraw the money to your own account.

How can I get the content?

After successful payment, you'd better not close the payment page, it will jump to show content automatically.

But if you turn off the web address accidentally, don't worry.
Click the right website and fill in the payment information within 72 hours.

Begin creating a PWord

Firstly, you need an account of our website.

Step 1: Click the button of PWord after login.

Step 1

Step 2: Click the link of Create a new PWord now.

Step 2

Step 3: Go to the following page and fill in the corresponding Subject, Content and Price.

Step 3

Subject is a short description of Content, which can be seen before others pay;
Content is something that can only be seen after payment is successful;
Price could be set at least ¥0.03. There will be a 4% of the service charge(¥0.02 for less than ¥0.02). For example, if the setting in the figure above is ¥7.5, when someone paid for it, the actual amount of ¥7.2 will arrive.

Step 4: After submitting and creating successfully, you can click the copy button to send the link to others.

Step 4

You are not allowed to pay for yourself temporarily. If you want to view the link page, please log out or log in to another account first.

Some application examples

The following example is only for demonstration, all pricing is ¥0.03.

Example 1: Just one question, one answer.

Example 2: A link and an extraction code of Baidu cloud disk.

Link of Baidu Yun (Please confirm that this link is valid before payment.)

Example 3: An encrypted compressed file with decryption link.

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